Hey guys just to keep you in the loop, been working on things like crazy to help our cause, which is why I’ve been fairly inactive on producing content.

One of the things I’ve been working on will hopefully make a big difference.

In the meantime I think its important to raise something here; the outcome of this agenda can be won, but only if we do the two following things :


I say this because if we only share amongst ourselves we are in an echo chamber, our message will not grow and we will achieve nothing! And as for the content we do create or share with our friends, family and loved ones; we need to ask ourselves;

What are they going to do with it?

I think we need to bear in mind, the average person is still:

  • Immersed in regular consumption of watching propaganda.
  • They are often more interested in how their spineless, BLM supporting football club is performing than their right to visit their family without being accosted by brainwashed order followers or their right to refuse taking an untested vaccine.

When looking at some of my “normie” friends and families group chats on WhatsApp of Facebook, the lack of critical thinking is shocking. I am often looking at what they say and the stuff they share with disbelief.

Which, takes me to the point of what I am saying here.


I hate the word content by the way, although, I have had little sleep and I am undecided to what word I would use, so until I get the chance to edit this post I will have to result in sounding like an obnoxious YouTuber πŸ˜‰

I don’t want to be telling anyone what to do here, but I am going to be taking this course of action, and I think this is something you should be taking into consideration yourself!

anti lock down

Solutions for Spreading the Word:

I’ll add this first as its shorter, although I think reading both will be beneficial.

If you are talking on the forums, watching the videos, reading articles etc and doing nothing with it other than just taking it all in (Consuming Content – Another sickening phrase used by lots of these creepy gurus on ThemTube).

It’s all well and good watching stuff, but if its able to wake people up, PASS IT ON!


I don’t want to sound horrible, but that changes nothing. You already know whats going on, right? So what’s the point in watching more Bullshit PCR Tests? We got evidence nearly a year ago that the Prime Minister or President of Tanzania found that Goats and Papayas tested positive for COVID-1984, so does the confirmation that CocaCola Tested Positive for COVID-1984 in Austria or Kiwis in Italy Tested positive? No!

And this is no criticism of the people making these videos, this is very important, but what I am saying here is that in the age of MASS CO-ORDINATED CENSORSHIP, we MUST do EVERYTHING in our capacity to share this with pretty much everyone in our phonebook!

If you find this creep scary then don’t sit there waiting for someone to save you!

So I would break down the solutions as follows:

  • Don’t drive your Normie friends mad, or more mad should I add. Don’t bombard people with clip after clip, this only causes psychological entrenchment. Many professional marketers say you should email your customers once a month that’s too infrequent when we look at the urgent situation we are in.
  • Sharing 1 – 2 videos per week with EVERYONE will work wonders! A good course of action is to keep a bookmark on your browser of anything that resonates well with you. If you like it then often others will too. And if you keep a good record, you can then share the best content with the Normies which is VERY POWERFUL!

Solutions for Content Creators:

If you are creating videos, writing articles, making images etc. great! But I think it’s a good idea to keep this in mind before you write your blog post or your video exposing something and at the end when you give something a final edit.  

Keep the following points in mind:

  • What is the solution?  
  • How can this information help someone?
  • What Action Can they Take?

For example, you have put together an impactful video on the corruptness of the PCR tests or you have a video showing empty hospitals, then what? Unfortunately, your BBC News and Towie watching friend (or more likely now acquaintance πŸ˜‰ will perhaps consider it, but due to their mind-controlled nature, will get distracted by their “Breaking News Update” on Twitter and forget about it.


Ask yourself “What Would Make Me Want to Take Action On this?” And yes, the content has to be good, to begin with, but if you have done all the work making that video then it seems a shame to not get the most reward for your effort.

MOST PEOPLE ARE LAZY, YOU NEED TO MAKE IT AS CLOSE TO CLICKING ONE BUTTON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN! Otherwise, they will just use that excuse generating machine to do nothing, trust me; those types of people are amazing at MAKING EXCUSES!

It is not difficult, probably a lot easier and less time consuming than the work you have already done, try and integrate the following:

  • Include actionable links – I know many of us think there’s no point in signing petitions, but it only takes pasting in a link to a petition, you don’t have to create the petition, or put your name to it; often you will find one that someone has taken a lot of time to create, there’s not any downside to getting someone to sign it and encourage them to get others to sign one. 
  • The same goes for encouraging writing to the government, yes I know they are for the most part SCUM, however, think of it this way, it doesn’t take long to put a template together for someone to use (which they can often send by email – no need for using snail mail), will take them a minute at most to send it to their local MP, local council/mayor, local school, church or business etc. At the very least it will be drowning them in paperwork, which will make supporting this hysteria all the more uncomfortable, which even if like me you hate the idea of government, making their lives difficult can only be a bonus πŸ™‚
  • For events and protests, make them aware and keep telling them to go. Also, share the positives about going, they will have FUN and meet LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE! And raise the issue of what inaction will cause, we need to be doing this and sitting on our arses watching Netflix is not going to help anyone!
  • Make it SHAREABLE – If its a WordPress blog, including a share button and TELL THEM TO SHARE ALSO, like I am doing here. This is something that a lot of us are probably not even aware of, if you have created impactful content, then it should take little effort to encourage everyone who reads it, to share it.
Remember, Your Average Person Sees This Photo and Thinks What a Nice Man.
We Need to Get Them Feeling Sorry for His Dog !


If you are doing the above then you are making a difference, and if enough people take this course of action, our chance of survival increases dramatically!  

Also, I am aware many people in our community are too lazy to read this post, so I will be condensing this from 1500 words to 300. Please do check out our resources and suggesions pages, also look at our stickers, that is a very inexpensive form of activism.

I will add a couple of videos from The Corbett Report. The following videos are two great tools in our arsenal in this day and age.

This is a great response to someone who ridicules or dismisses you. I just send them this and then say, something along the lines of ‘Tell me where I am wrong?’ That usually plants a seed in peoples minds.


2) I am a Conspiracy Theorist

Best to keep this ace up your sleeve. There are some powerful ideas to do with communication which you can use to not just counter the argument that you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist, but it’s also a great tool for when talking to anyone who is trying to be a prick to you in general.