Update – new demonstration on the 10th, Hyde park, speakers corner! Poster for event further down the page!

Hello people, hope all is going as well as can be! New posts will be less frequent at the moment as I am predominately focusing on outreach.
The exact location for the protest in London on the 17th is still to be confirmed. The moment that is there, I will update it.

There are demonstrations for Standup-X which will be happening in London on the 17th and Norwich, Bournemouth, Sheffield and Bedford also have demonstrations every Saturday. Details are lower on this page.

Please also share this with as many people as possible. And if they laugh at you or call you a conspiracy theorist, I would encourage you to point them in the direction of our website or in particular this video. James Corbett does a great job of explaining this to people. Very few people have heard of the Corbett Report or James; I often laugh thinking about if Piers Morgan had him on his show like with the Alex Jones interview. I doubt this will ever happen; they would find it impossible to get a reaction. The thought of someone who possesses both a different opinion and emotional stability would be unimaginable for organisations like the BBC or CNN. They only want to interview people who agree with their views to reinforce their narrative, and if they don’t, want them to come across as aggressive, unstable or crazy.

Anyway, please share this with as many people as possible. I will be posting again as soon as possible!

London 10th October

Sorry for the short notice, another demonstration which is a week before StandupX. I’ll attach a photo of the poster. Please share this with as many people as possible!!!


Saturday, 17 Oct


Location and start time TBC nearer to the day.


Every Saturday, 12pm

Town Hall Peace Gardens

Wake up Hull and StandupX

Saturday 17th October

Queen Victoria Square, Hull


Every Saturday, 3pm

Russell Park


Every Saturday, 2-5pm​

Bournemouth Town Hall


Every Saturday, 1pm

Chapelfield Gardens