Please check out these Videos by the Ice Age Farmer. Another one of our favourites, and if his message isn’t obvious to you, have a think about the one thing we cannot survive without?

In the Army we learnt there are three key things which keep a country going:

  1. Energy
  2. Food and
  3. Money

Take just one leg away from that tripod and the other two can come crashing down FAST, the three things are all dependent on each other. The economic ramifications ALONE caused by excessive low-downs will eventually cause cataclysmic damages to our food supply, although this doesn’t seem to satisfy governments appetite for chaos. Interloping in our work-life just won’t do.

Anyway, I will leave it to you to watch these videos and decide for yourselves. You can also find links to The Ice Age Farmer on our Resources Section of this Website.

There is so much more information on his channel. This MUST get out there to as many people as possible!