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Stickers and Posters – Spread The Word!

I have created a couple of designs which I feel will make great posters for shops and businesses who want to discourage mask-wearing. I think most people can agree that mask-wearing is ridiculous.  

The odd thing is that many businesses feel compelled to enforce mask-wearing. This is wrong at any level, but for people who are concerned about the legal ramifications; there is nothing to worry about.

We Have listed a link to buy PERMANENT STICKER LABEL sheets to Amazon, lthough you may find better deals at eBay etc. We also invite you to send in your own designs and / or translations to other designs as this needs to get out to EVERYONE WORLDWIDE!

anti lock down
You Can Download this as a PDF Conveniently Using the Download Button Below.

The fact is that there are no shop owners, publicans or restaurant owners who are legally allowed to ask someone why they are not wearing a face covering.

Based on this I have created the following poster which I think many of your potential customers or regular customers will appreciate. It will also make a statement that most of us are fed up with and will help spread the word!


Now I am not suggesting that you put stickers on the tube, buses, bus shelters, colleges or any other public space that gets a lot of eyes. Perish the thought ;-).

Anti Lock Down / Mask Poster / Sticker
This Works Well as A5 but can be easily re-sized. Also download as a PDF below!

Although, if I did want to spread a message and get hundreds of thousands of people to get access to a message like ours, buying a stack of 10 Sheets White Waterproof A4 VINYL PVC Matt Self Adhesive Sticker INKJET Printable or similar item off eBay or Amazon and printing a load of the following designs would be a great way to do it 🙂

I can’t stand the sight of those cowardly mask-wearing signs on the London Underground, with the beady eyes; really sums up the average mask wearer.

Also please send me your designs for posters and stickers and I will make a large gallery which other people will be able to easily download and share content which wakes people up!


  1. Dr. Geller

    Unsolicited emails. SPAM! I support lock downs.

    • antilockdown

      Enjoy communism I guess, coward lol

      • Dr. Geller

        Cowardism is buying email addresses and spamming! If you define communism as denying one a basic liberty well so be it – of which you yourself are doing by spamming (Oh right, maybe you are so hell bent on basic failure of compliance then you have total disregard for laws that set rules for commercial emails). BUT you sure want to invoke other rules for liberty? A coward is to stand in the shadows and not state their position (I have clearly stated my position – so you aren’t really good at definitions are you?). You are nonsensical at best and at worse have a lot to answer for. LOL also, communism works in theory – its the dictators that made it such a stuff up (i.e. fascism)! You are confusing this ideology with the main example being socialism. So to be more precise/correct, you should have called me a fascist! Well one who ascribes to fascism (albeit far from the truth and do ascribe to democracy – but heavily rely on Governmental intervention during States of Emergency – OMG is that what we are in [sarcasm intended]). Although since I lean far more left wing, and like to protect those with auto-immune disorders (and prefer they don’t die etc.) as many of the vulnerable population may do in this current climate, then lock downs will work and will eradicate COVID-19. Not that it would seem your followers care about? Oh dear – how dare I care about the humans dying! I am also sure the families of vulnerable populations (i.e. those with underlying risk factors) sure do! Though this will be talking to a brick wall – like this pandemic has brought out – groups of hateful, ill educated right wing know it alls who only care about themselves. Have fun paying for your .org and hope that all the funds you raise go to what? merch (plus a tidy profit margin)? yourself? where do you lodge your financials? Enjoy your advocacy that will perpetuate COVID-19 and through YOUR WORK, potentially killing more people. Particularly with you spreading misinformation about COVID-19. SHAMEFUL. Just to be crystal clear. I SUPPORT LOCKDOWNS.

        • antilockdown

          Wow you said a whole lot of words that make no sense.

          You are either mentally ill or using your parroting that bs to try and cover up the fact your a coward.

          I have not bought emails and if I did I don’t know if that makes someone a coward.

          Your the bitchiest commenter yet lol. If I’m annoying people like you then I feel great this morning, your comment made my day.

          You stay at home indefinitely and wait for the kill gates vaccine;-)

          • Dr. Geller

            Mmm. Well I’m nothing as you describe. I’ve tried your instagram to engage others (rather than this page you moderate which hides comments you’d rather not convey to others). Simply posting my same response as appears here! Do you dare to publish this response to show that you practice censorship which goes against the rights of free speech, which are the basic tenets of which you are espousing for “your cause”???

          • antilockdown

            I don’t have an Instagram Dr Girly man 😉 I don’t hide comments either.

            Just line up for your vaccine with your mask like a good sheep 😉

        • A W R

          Go and live in China then you absolute buffoon

  2. Ralph

    Lockdown will bring down the economy and protect those who will shorty pass away anyway due to a low immune system . NO ONE can stop the virus – it`s like saying : you`ll never catch a cold . How ridiculous does that sound ……….. and the common cold and the “ordinary ” flu virus have been with us as long as we can remember .

    • antilockdown

      Exactly, I think the key thing is that were sharing information and encouraging our friends and family to be attending the events.

      Keep an eye on our events and also standupx or anyone who is standing against this bs.

      The events are going on all over the UK and all around the world. So we don’t even need to travel far. We are not doing anything wrong so feel free to network with other people on telegram to see if you can be car sharing (not outside your bubble of course)

      We can do.this

  3. Daniel

    Is there, in your opinion, any utility in contacting our Members of Parliament with the message that your movement and its followers will be exercising they’re democratic right and voting for their nearest competitor in the coming election?
    A sticker with a slogan such as…
    “Get them out”
    “Vote for anyone else”
    The prospect of them been in the dole queue with rest of us might light a fire under them and initiate some opposition to these dreadful sanctions which have been brought upon us.

    I myself have written to MP Tracey Brabin and asked her if she can substantiate the claims that mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns and fines have had any measurable effect on transmission rates of SARS.Cov2.
    I have asked to be directed to specific peer reviewed scientific and medical studies proving the efficacy of these measures which are an illogical stretching of the Public Health Act 1984 which has been used as a framework for the Corona Act 2020 and was never intended for this purpose, of course there aren’t any. The current policy making is based on opinion from the big pharma lobbyists whose cronies are working in SAGE council positions (4 of whom have declined to provide their names).

    I have also been correcting the sheep who have been parroting the mantra
    “the government are doing a good job”
    I have asked them if they will have the same opinion in 5 years when their pension has been stopped, their savings have been confiscated, their shares are worthless and it’s £15 quid for a loaf of bread? Will the choice of shall we eat or warm and light the house (if it hasn’t been repossessed).

    To those who agree with the current lockdowns etc, I ask “why, when millions of our countrymen have given their lives in 2 world wars to protect our freedoms and liberties and uphold our God given rights, do we accept without question the loss of these”? Surely there should be vigorous public debate, proper parliamentary debate and peer reviewed medical and scientific papers published for public scrutiny. Further to that there should be economic and social projections published of the longer reaching effects of these lockdowns etc, followed by an emergency referendum.

    I thought it ironic on the VE Day 100th anniversary celebrations that everyone came out into their gardens to cheer and clap the victory against oppressive tyrannical forces which sought to enslave England, when they had themselves silently given up the very freedoms all those millions of men and women died for, utterly shameful.
    So I say to all of those people who support these disproportionate measures that you are woefully and will fully ignorant, and remember in 5 years time when the wolf is at your door, don’t expect any help from those of us who told you it was coming and prepared, this is what you must have wanted, or you were just too apathetic and comfortable to be bothered informing yourself.
    When people watch programmes about Nazi Germany they often ask “how did all those millions of people follow evil Adolf Hitler and cause so much suffering to their fellow man”? I answer “Just like this”

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