Help Stop Unlawful Lockdowns!

Some Great Coverage of Anti Lock-down Around The World

Everything happening has been best summed up in another video of Jeff’s. As we can see there is a lot of people resisting the tyranny.

All I can suggest for now is get involved in local protests; share the information and



I have NEVER worn a mask, not even purchased one. I simply say I am exempt and tend to “bark” that statement at anyone who asks. The last person who asked me why I am exempt, I calmly stated ‘because I am not a brainwashed coward; if you are wearing that and using public transport, you are not scared of a virus, you are scared of authority’; he certainly didn’t like what he heard, I guess the truth hurts.

If you are fearful of getting arrested or fined, go visit your doctor and request some sort of letter you can keep on your person. If your doctor is not too helpful or forthcoming, then say you are suffering from anxiety. I have friends who are exempt due to asthma, autism and another who has anxiety. They are all valid reasons and you can see even on the scumbag governments website for the UK that you DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN EXEMPTION CARD, however, if it makes you feel better, go for it. At least you will not be a mask wearing coward 🙂


Refuse a test, I will look into reasons for avoiding it soon to be more accurate, however, just refusing and mentioning that the tests are inaccurate and taking an inaccurate test is adding to the fraud.

It is unlikely that you will be forced into taking the test, however, in the event that this is tried you should mention the following facts:

The list of people calling this out as BS is growing exponentially, so stand your ground, refuse the test to the best of your abilities. Also if you employer, supervisor or foreman in the workplace demands you take the test, ask if you can send the test off or at least send off a second test and see if the one that has not been swabbed comes back positive. Your company will likely be as pissed off about the test if they see it as a fraud with their own eyes.

For me this proves the importance of building your own business so you can remain as independent of the system as possible,


You will likely need to do some serious thinking here, depending on where you are in the world.

You are going to have to avoid this AT ALL COSTS in my opinion.

There will likely be all sorts of underhand techniques employed to get you to take the vaccine, by force is unlikely as if they can get 90+ % of the population to take it, why would they do it by force and face a backlash?

In some of the less authoritarian jurisdictions methods will likely be refusal entry to privately organised public events like rock concerts and sporting events. Many people will give into this peer pressure, don’t be one of these people. You should sit this out for a few years at-least, many of these companies will revert their tactics when people start to vote with their feet. Failing that, watch your games or concerts on your TV and save some money 🙂

Some of the more authoritarian countries will employ techniques like refusal of flights and hindering your travel, maybe even going the lengths of making you employable or refusing to pay your state benefits. In my opinion you should be looking to build your own business (online is preferable) as you have more freedom to the extent you can be doing this from anywhere in the world. Make sure you can live without these things and support yourself. This will mean you can remain independent.

Personally, even if I have to live outside society for a few years, that’s fine. Just look at the Amish, they live outside “society” and do so in a healthy way. I will come back to “civilisation” once they have come to their senses.

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  1. Matt

    Love your work guys. Not sure if you have seen this video mixed in with the No More Lockdown song by Van Morrison but, it may be worth an article as it is a way to get people motivated and opening their eyes.

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