Here is a great selection of resources, if you are not already familiar with them of course; to help you along the way of finding great information and guidance.

World Doctors Alliance

For The People Who Think Being Against Lockdowns and mask/Vaccine mandates are Crazy Conspiracy Theorists – Please Visit The World Doctors Alliance beforehand!

The World Doctors Alliance are Doing an amazing job! This is the go to place for the people who think that people who support our cause are paranoid, crazy, uneducated or a mixture of all. For The People Who Think Being Against Lockdowns and mask/Vaccine mandates are Crazy Conspiracy Theorists – Please Visit The World Doctors Alliance before you start thinking that your regular updates from the BBC or the know-it-all from your local pub are the ones to be listening to.


For people fed up with online censorship and always having videos deleted. Vote with your feet! And use LBRY, it is a fantastic platform which is like YouTube but uncensored and distributed over thousands of devices and computers. Not only do you get great content, as opposed to gimmicky unboxing and makeup videos, but you also get paid in Cryptocurrency for watching videos. For content creators, this app is essential; imagine getting the chance to build a channel on YouTube in the early days. You will do well to check out LBRY!

The Corbett Report

The Corbett Report is AMAZING! You can find at again my favourite LBRY. If you are not on LBRY get on there ASAP. Think YouTube minus the censorship. 

For anyone who thinks that alternatives to mainstream media are unprofessional, James Corbett will make you think differently! His four-part series on Bill Gates is essential viewing, his abilities as a wordsmith and video production are genius! His information can make debating with the “intellectuals” at the school gates rather amusing 🙂

Standup X

Standup-X is doing a fantastic job, organising protests and demonstrations all over the UK. It was witnessing the way the government and mainstream media have abused them, which lead me to start AntiLockDown.

For the people who believe that dismiss it because of the way the media portrays David Icke; don’t form an opinion based on what the BBC have told you about him. Afterall he was called a lunatic when he called out the paedophiles in the BBC like Jimmy Saville way before it was common knowledge. The amount of work he has done is mindblowing!
I would recommend listening to recent talks about the lockdown, give him ten minutes of your time, and I would be surprised if you just moved onto another video, which takes me to my next recommendation.

The Dollar Vigilante

Check out Jeff Berwick at, or my favorite way to get his content is on

My favourite place to know what is going on in the world. Jeff and his team deliver cutting edge info and advice and do so in a way which is very humorous and light-hearted. Which is what is needed in these times.
Don’t think for a second his advice is not to be taken seriously though! In 2011 he advised people to buy Bitcoin @ $3 per coin and Called silver as a buy when it was $11 per ounce. So not only is Jeff, a funny guy he will make you a few quid in the process too! 🙂

The Ice Age Farmer

The information and the message from The Ice Age Farmer is so IMPORTANT, I cannot emphasise this enough. Food is one thing we cannot live without! The Ice Age Farmer uncovers and explains things you will not find anywhere else! We should be exploring the idea of growing our own food or atleast being involved in this area one way or another.

If things don’t go the way we want them to, expect serious problems with our food supply! My preferred place to find the Ice Age Farmer is on LBRY, although he does have a YouTube channel which I wont add here because you should be using LBRY/OdySee or Bitchute!

Waking the Future

One of my favourites to watch most days is Waking the Future. They are making videos most days and often twice a day. A good format to get accurate news and research. Again, I listen and watch their podcasts on LBRY and I recommend you do the same, LBRY is censorship resistant and their platform is a great thing to support.

I like the fact they are based in the US but they look at what is going on all around the world. This is important as no country is escaping what is going on. Please check them out and subscribe and share what they are doing!

Brian Rose – London Real

A great place to find interviews, with dozens of researchers and whistleblowers in relation to the coronahoax and the lockdown. At London Real; there are hundreds of interviews with all sorts of interesting people. Brian Rose went up in my estimations when YouTube and the tech giants threatened him with censorship and legal action. He has risked and still risking losing his business and livelihood. He has proven himself to be incredibly selfless and a brilliant person to be supporting the people.

Rob Braxman

For people concerned about their privacy, look no further than Rob Braxman. He makes regular posts and tutorials on how to protect your privacy and all for little to zero cost. He also explains things in an easy to understand way. You will likely save a fortune not wasting your money on privacy abusing Google, Microsoft and Apple products! Another thing, he always posts his latest content to LBRY before anywhere else!

Silent Majority

Silent Majority are doing a great job of networking like minded people and sharing different content creators. They are especially doing a great job of signposting people to find the content of people who have been kicked off YouTube for telling the truth!

This is a great site to support, bookmark and share!