Equipment / Protective Wear

Below is a selection of items of protective wear and equipment which will serve you well at demonstrations. These are my recommendations; they are all things which are very cheap on places like Amazon and will also be useful everyday items. Just search on amazon, chose the items as 4 – Star and upwards and then sort by price in ascending order. 🙂

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Protective Footwear

Just search “Steel Toe Trainers” on Amazon or eBay. Only £20!

You can get hiking boots and even trainers who are steel-toed for under £20 or $25 on Amazon. They will be great for when people are treading on your toes.

Not suggesting you use them to kick people who are trying to hurt you, perish the thought 🙂

Protective Cap / Bump Cap

A discrete cap which looks no different from a baseball cap will be great for protecting you from obtrusive surveillance and will also save you from batons and thrown objects. You can get find these on Amazon for less than £10. Bargain!

Unbreakable Umbrella

You cant carry batons, however, if you look at these umbrellas; a little pricey (Around £100), for me I love mine. These are almost as effective as a bat; these can always be useful in countries like England even if you don’t need to use it for defence, it can defend you from our rainy weather.

Faraday Bag

Prevent your phone from being used against you. Your phone still tracks you even when in Aeroplane mode and even tracks you when switched off! Please turn your phone off and place it in a faraday bag. These bags shut off all wifi, gsm and Bluetooth signals. You can get them on Amazon or eBay for under £10.

Body Cam / Hidden Cameras / Personal Cameras.

If you are concerned about not being able to video the police and you have your phone in a faraday bag; I would recommend using a different camera which you can use to cover your tracks and ensure the law are following the rules too!
We will go into this further over the coming days, but we will discuss a few options here for the time being. I use a GoPro as they are excellent cameras but a little pricey, they are also relatively power-hungry on the battery life.