Help Stop Unlawful Lockdowns!

Jeff Berwicks Book Could Be Best Seller!

Brilliant Work Jeff! I’ve read this book already and I encourage readers here to do the same.


  1. Denise Galarneau

    You are hysterical!

    • antilockdown

      An interesting choice of words lady 😉

      So what do you call people who are wearing masks when alone in their car?

      Super hysterical? Super duper hysterical?

      I’d rather be “hysterical” than a brainwashed coward mask wearer lol

      • Denise Galarneau

        OMG! I am so sorry! It appears you thought I was being judgmental or critical of you. I applaud your genius for coming up with a way to beat them at their game! I think it is brilliant and extremely funny!
        I call people that wear masks in their cars insane, brainwashed and extremely fearful! It disturbed me immensely and I fear way too many people are not seeing the reality of what is going on! I am in agreement with you and find this whole situation intolerable.
        PS – I ordered your book!

        • antilockdown

          No problem, sorry, I am glad you like it. It isn’t my book but I am glad you’re buying this.

          I have had a few sheep who have been behaving in an unhinged way. I imagine them like leatherface at the end of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,
          spinning around, screaming uncontrollably lol.

          Glad you like it, share with everyone. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me now.

          They need to wake up.

          Even some mainstream journalists are questioning this now. But lets not be complaicant.

          Once this is over these criminals need putting behind bars!

          Lots of love xx

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