Watching two of my favorite sources for information recently, led me to gain some of the best advice I had had received in ages.

If you have not seen the Corbett Report, I cannot recommend him enough. I have found watching the Corbett Report more addictive than any box set, also a lot more useful.

In this video, Is Self Sufficiency Possible? James presented a large list of solutions I had never even heard of; from groups of people building their own communities, some who are producing their own food and others even producing their own agricultural equipment and giving the plans and build plans for others to use as well. These are REAL solutions for anyone looking into this and even if you don’t want to be self sufficient, it makes for very interesting viewing!

For people on the property ladder.

A great interview from Josh at World Alternative Media; not only was this interview really interesting, it also gave a lot of great advice for people who are interesting in getting into property or people who are concerned about their existing property. Sometimes it can be healthy to listen to someone who is more optimistic about the future, especially when they give great tips for how to profit from other peoples fear.

Of course, I am aware that I am in the UK. Although the same principal applies for anyone who is in a large expensive city or urban area. This advice would be great for someone who owns property in London and is looking to diversify etc.