Thanks for visiting Stop The Lock-Down, we are a British Based Organisation; however, we see this as a global problem, which is why we help co-ordinate on a worldwide level. We do this because, in many countries, draconian laws of locking down entire economies over an alleged virus are all too commonplace. If you look at the (link to TRUE STATISTICS from the CDC), it is no more than a rounding error.

I was in the British Army from 2001 – 2009 in the Royal Signals; nowadays, I am first and foremost a technologist, specifically working in the SEO and online marketing area.

Three Reasons WHY I Started Anti LockDown.

1) My military training and experience tell me that lockdowns and wearing masks are not only useless; they are detrimental to our health and well-being.

2) If nothing is done to stop this, we will be living a similar existence to countries in the Former Soviet Union. The financial ramifications will be UNBEARABLE for most people!

3) My leading talent now is marketing; I am successfully reaching out to MILLIONS of people, the ones which will be effective at stopping this LUNACY!

I will elaborate further:

For my first point – Lockdowns, Masks and Vaccines are BS!

For my first point; I am setting up this community because from the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare) training I had in the Army; I am qualified to know that if there was a virus, putting a pathetic piece of cloth over your face will NOT WORK!

Not only makes you look like a coward, but it also offers no protection from a virus. There is a reason why you have to be clean-shaven in the Army; it means that when you wear a MASK, it has a tight, clean seal to your face.

Once you have that, you then need to combine that with an NBC suit which is lined with activated charcoal and other technologies which can prevent a virus. Surgical masks are not ideal; they will only make you sick from breathing in your own co2 all the time. Also not let us forget, we are supporting peoples right not to wear a mask, for people who choose to wear them because they are useful, you will be safe from us crazy people who choose not to wear them, right?

For my second point – Doing nothing will result in Economic Catastrophe.

For my second point, that we will be living like a communist country if we don’t get back to our everyday lives; I think this is a pretty accurate assessment. Most of us are already on a treadmill as our governments tax us on everything, well not me; I don’t pay them. But if we are all paid to stay at home, are the government giving us this money for free? Or do you think that they will be trying to get this money back with interest?

The truth is a lot darker though; the US Government is roughly $29 Trillion in debt and the UK about £9 Trillion in debt. If you factor in the working population, everyone would have to pay about half a million pounds to pay off the national debt.

Central banks have been printing money like there is no tomorrow, don’t think that what happened to Germany before WW2 or Venezuala or Zimbabwe in recent years cannot happen to us. Another thing I learnt in the military was that there are three things which keep a nation going. Energy, Food and Money; if you kick one of those legs off the tripod the other two come crashing FAST!

For my Third point – What I do.

stop the lockdown

I decided to reach out to as many of the best people I can to help the groups who are protesting this nonsense. And don’t forget if you agree with us, share with as many people as you can, our efforts will grow even further to stop what is going on! Don’t think that we are helpless for a second. Groups of thousands who protest are too much for the police to manhandle.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of people who by the way are being crippled by government interlopers who comprise of scaffolders, bricklayers, labourers, security guards, gym owners, martial arts instructors. The sort of people who cant just be pushed aside like little lambs. So lets not just sit indoors like good little sheep waiting for the government to screw us over.

I have reached out to enough people to stop this globally yesterday, so please do one of or all of the following:

1) Sign Up for our email list – We Have Taken EVERY precaution to keep our privacy and our user’s privacy safe. Also, we only ask your name [first name or even pseudonym will do :-)], email address (this can be any throwaway account, Tutanota and Proton Mail are ones we recommend); and that is all. We will then update you with the latest events going on around the world and in your area where you can support or help out.

2) Join our Telegram channels – Telegram is not our favourite messenger; although, it has its uses, especially for broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of people.

3) Join our Matrix Messenger Channel – This is the best way to receive information about what is going on.