Help Stop Unlawful Lockdowns!

Happy 6 Month Anniversary to the “14 Days to Flatten the Curve”!

Maybe people will wake up soon?

What will happen? Its hard to tell exactly. Gauging how people talk it seems promising compared to a few months ago.

But it is not enough!

There is a lot of momentum going on with Standup-X. There are big demonstrations in London, Manchester, Liverpool and then Regular demonstrations in Sheffield, Bournemouth, Norwich and Bedford. You will likely find more smaller local ones if these are too far to go to.

We are at a CRITICAL point now, there are millions of people against this and hundreds of thousands wanting to take action. Just look into the good people in Liverpool who are refusing to shut down their gym! They are getting support from people all over the UK because if this is not effecting you now it soon will!

Don’t fall under the illusion that because your business is “essential” that you are safe, every one of your customers needs to earn money to buy from your “essential” business. If millions are out of work it will go down hill RAPIDLY.

This is the thin side of the wedge!

What if you cannot attend any of these events?


Friday, 16th, October

With Music, #DrinkAgainstTheCurfew #CancelTheCurfew #SaveTheArts

Corner of Frith St and Old Compton Street

(Follow @the_freedom_hub_uk on Instagram)


Saturday, 17 Oct, 1pm


Rally & march through central London with Nacho, Piers Corbyn and Geza

Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London, 1pm


Saturday, 17 Oct, Noon/1pm

RALLY (@standupmanchester)

Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester


Bournemouth Town Hall, Saturday 17th October, 2pm

Instagram @standupxbournemouth


Sunday, 18 Oct, 1pm

RALLY With Piers

Break the #LiverpoolLockdown #FreeLiverpool!

Clayton Square, L1 1QR


Friday, 23 Oct, 9:30am

Rally at Piers Corbyn’s test case for Hyde Park Arrests (May 16 & 30)

Westminster Magistrates Ct, NW1 5BR

REGULAR EVENTS <- Link to Twitter.


Every Saturday, 12pm

Town Hall Peace Gardens


Every Saturday, 3pm

Russell Park


Every Saturday, 2-5pm​

Bournemouth Town Hall


Every Saturday, 1pm

Chapelfield Gardens

Saturday 24th Oct, 12 noon, London, Big Rally, Details to be Announced Soon!

Saturday 31st Oct, 12 noon, Manchester, Details to be Announced Soon!

Please do what you can to support all our efforts. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any suggestions or can offer any help.


  1. Richard

    What do i have to do to get You assholes to stop spamming my business?!?!???!!

    • antilockdown

      Just send me your URL, I don’t take it personal. Enjoy communism I guess lol

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