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German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus

Patrick Bet-David who has a great reputation for interviewing many well-known people including retired generals, celebrities, leaders of industry, politicians and sports personalities from around the world.

In this video, he interviews German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich who had been the leader for taking class-action lawsuits against VW and Deutsche Bank.

As you can see he is a member of the California bar association and the following links confirm the authenticity of taking Volkswagon to court.

He claims that Professor Christian Drosten initially claimed there was no concern over COVID and then changed his mind overnight, he was the person promoting ideas this is extremely dangerous and was influencing politicians.

Links here:

He also explains that Lothar H. Weiler (German equivalent of the CDC) and Tedros GHEBREYESUS who runs the World Health Organisation.

He consulted Dr Wolfgang Wodarg who twelve years ago halted the hysteria of the Swine Flu, he mentions that as he was the equivalent of the German congress at the time he was able to put a halt to similar behaviour as to what is going on now. He was also counsel of Europe. The lobby attack was stopped. This can be confirmed here

The same faces were seen to behaving in the same neurotic way Professor Drossten, Professor Neil Ferguson; all pushed the narrative everyone was going to die from something else that was just a case of the flu, as is happening now with COVID-19.

It is now accepted that this theory by Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, is also backed up by John Ioannidis professor at Stanford University; that the mortality is no worse than the flu at 0.14%. The same opinion is also held by Professor Michael Levitt.

These people all hold the same opinion that this is no worse than the flu.

Feeling confused as to why no other lawyer is working on this he asked if there was anyone else and he found out that Beate Bahner has been working on this, who was well experienced in medical law and was arrested and placed into a mental institution. For just holding a different opinion.

He explains how using executive orders, there is an abuse of power happening with all mandatory masks, social distancing etc.

How Dangerous is the Virus?

  Through the interview it pretty much confirms what I have thought, it is no worse than the flu and the “cure” is much worse than the problem.

How Much Can We Trust The PCR Test?

  Reiner Fuellmich Explains to Bet-David that the test is incapable of telling us about infections. Former Vice President of Phizer said the PCR Test Kary Mullis who also invented the PCR test is no good for detecting any infections.

  Dr Mike Yeaden has said this test MUST NEVER be used in this way again .

How much do the measures damage peoples health and the economy?

This is not even disputed by the people causing this pandemic, this will be the biggest financial catastrophe since the great depression of 1928, if anything much worse as people are not as resilient as they were back then and so much of our services is automated, leaving the most unskilled workers with less than nothing!

This is the worst crisis we have seen, peoples surgeries neglected for much worse problems like heart disease and cancer being neglected. Peoples mental health made worse with suicides and domestic violence growing at levels never been seen before. And this is just the thin side of the wedge! Things will get much worse in the likely event of food shortages! There is just something wrong! 

Transparency International as you can see in the link Reiners claims to be involved with Transparency International seem very credible, if anyone has good German to English translation skills I will be very appreciative if you could contact us with anything.

The Panic Paper; the panic papers that were discussed in this interview can be downloaded here, again, to translate into English will be something I will be wanting to do very soon.

Some important questions asked by Patrick Bet-David:

What Reason would anyone have to do this? 

He says this can be proven in a court of law with expert witnesses. And I think that is the best answer a lawyer can give at any stage, although from what information he has given if only a third of it can stick in a court of law the people who are responsible will have an awful lot to answer for.

How come it has come till now to have any push back from lawyers? It is starting only now because only now we can see there is no end to this agenda and the people who have vested interests will push this for as long as they will get away with it. Also, the logical fact that there are also a lot of influential people who do not want this to go ahead.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) and WEF (World Economic Forum) was invented by Klaus Schwarb lobbied politicians at Davos are increasingly growing in power and influence and this has become an obvious problem. I think that Reiner was very diplomatic in the way he spoke of these evil entities, however, being a lawyer, that is probably the best way to approach these topics of discussion at the moment and from where he is standing, let the courts do the talking.

All of the aforementioned people and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Welcome Trust who have been meeting continuously and very frequently in 2019 were brought up here.

Again for Mr Gates, I would recommend you look at our list of documentaries that were put together by James Corbett of the Corbett Report; I cannot recommend his work enough!

There was also a Chinese paper that was written at the same time, but the Drosden the paper was only made that was used to justify the use of the PCR Test. This is all information which if it can be actioned through the courts may be a very welcomed blow to the likes of the WHO, the United Nations and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  

Again, with all the good news of people waking up to this and taking action on these people, we all have our own role to play. We cannot be complacent, we ALL have to share this information and get involved in whatever way we can, no matter how big or smaller contribution it ALL ADDS UP!

We get thousands of visitors a day and that number is growing, if we all shared with EVERYONE in our phone book, and they all did the same, imagine how fast our message can spread?

How do YouTube videos go viral? Maybe this sort of content needs to spread rather than Gangman Style?


USA and Canada have Class action lawsuits which mean that anyone who has suffered damages can hold the person accountable, this can cause a massive amount of damages against the people who are responsible. This will open a massive window!

We are hearing frequently about legal action, opinions and a whole host of different theories, although this interview was very refreshing to see. There are other actions being taken by people all over the world, but not by anyone with this kind of track record.

So please share this information with everyone, don’t be complacent and make sure you stand your ground in whatever way you can.

I have even more time now for Patrick Bet-David, he seems such a positive and fair-minded person. It just shows how important it is to have an open mind, if people were listening to David Icke in the same way as Patrick was many months ago, there would be many more people questioning this Covid hoax a lot earlier!

What do we do now?

This lawsuit may buy everyone enough time to avoid the tyranny being rolled out and may hold these evil people to account. but we cannot count our eggs yet. This is a case that I will be following frequently and will be providing updates whenever I see them.

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