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Events Tomorrow and Upcoming Events

Apologies for the late posting, there are many events which have been shared among the Telegram channels but I thought would be worthwhile to mention. If you are able to attend tomorrow or any other day please do go.

We are gaining a lot of traction, with even many more nurses, doctors and journalists questioning this narrative. We are by no way out of the woods yet and the more people go to the events the easier it will get.

Don’t feel deterred by threats of being fined, police have now been given orders to not impose these fines as they are going to be too difficult to enforce.

Don’t listen to the pessimistic people, this is a fight that can be won and needs to be won. I will be posting more information soon.


Saturday 21 November, 1pm, City Centre

Save Our City, March for Freedom

Exact location on the day.  Bring an umbrella, beat the spy plane. 


Saturday 21 November, 1pm, Bournemouth Town Hall

Educational Rally

With Mark Devlin, Simone Marshall, Tim Sheiff, Keri Robinson, Martin May & Joe Walsh


Saturday 21 November, 1pm, Basildon Town Centre, Essex

March for Freedom

Exact location to be communicated on the day


Saturday 28 November, 12pm

Unite for Freedom

London location to be announced.  Please check nearer the date.

Standup X Switter Feed


Every Saturday, 12pm

Town Hall Peace Gardens


Every Saturday, 12pm

City Hall 


Every Saturday, 11am

A Truther’s Stall at St Sampsons Square


Every Saturday, 1pm

Chapelfield Gardens


Every Saturday, 1pm

Square by the Lions


  1. Junaid Mayet

    Please email all events thank you

    • antilockdown

      If you’re not on our newsletter sign up 🙂

  2. David

    The marches are great but ultimately they wont be nearly as effective as they could be. A good strategist should know that the media giants control the lockdowns thus the public should return the favour and lockdown their media gadgets en mass. In my opinion nothing else will work. Modern corruptions need modern ripostes the old ones wont work.
    For example
    1 turning off their television and radio permanently until lockdowns stop.
    2 all stop watching sports and music channels.
    3 no twitter day no facebook day(s) until rights are restored.
    4 watch no movie and so on.
    Do this in combination with the marches.
    And the government will be forced to remove the ear plugs they wear when ye march.

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