Just a short post for you today, if you haven’t yet checked out the last article warning about the food shortages, click here to check it out. There is some very essential information there!

It is not just a few people speaking out against the masks or the lockdowns. We have embedded a great video I encourage you to watch and share with other people!

So it seems that more and more people are speaking out and the word is spreading. However, as we have discussed in our Happy Six Months Anniversary Article we cannot be complacent. We have to do as much as possible!

Share this information with people, check out the events going on with StandupX (we will update the events on our page very soon) and do what you can.

Where Can We Run To?

A great short video from The Corbett Report, I must say I cannot agree more with what he is saying. I don’t think moving to escape the behaviour of our governments is the right thing to do for most people either.

I would add though, if you are certain that you do want to relocate to a more free country, I would recommend looking into researching the following:

Strategic Relocation – Joel Skousen

Joel wrote a brilliant book on this, yes it is more focused on the USA, however, the same principals apply to anywhere you are looking to move to. I think it makes good sense to at-least have access to rural land where you can live more independently. There are countless people giving great advice on how to grow your own produce. I really like David The Good and The Urban Farmer, both can be found on YouTube etc.

Acquiring a Second Passport

This is always a wise decision, getting yourself a second or third passport can have many benefits. This has been explained very well by Nomad Capitalist who you can find easily on YouTube or by Googling or better still using Duck Duck Go.

If you have parents or grandparents who were immigrants you can often apply for citizenship by decent, which can save you a lot of time and money, I would also recommend looking into that.

I hope this has been useful to you, please share the videos with people you think you can help wake up if you think this blog will be a bit too much for your friends or family members to take in.

All the best

Anti Lock Down