There are loads of people going on about election fraud, sting operations etc. I have to agree with this video. All voting is BS and the best solution is non compliance and for people to just opt out peacefully and do their own thing. It really makes no difference, so if you are upset that biden has “won” you should really be indifferent to who is president, this video sums it up VERY well!

And for all the people calling David Icke crazy, I invite you to put your biases to one side and watch this video. This video was from 10 years ago and David has been talking about the same things way before that. Now compare what he talks about to what is going on now; ask yourself is he really mad?

The thing that I love about David Icke is he doesn’t impose his thoughts on anyone, and encourages people to look up his points and do their own research. And with everything he talks about nearly everything is 100% verifiable.

I don’t get the reptilian thing, however, when you consider how inbred the “elites” are they may as well be. Please share this information with as many people as possible and follow the Telegram channels:

There I list other channels which you can also find, there are some great people sharing information and support on keeping your businesses going during lockdown and also networking for events to protest to what is going on.

So please keep sharing as much information and going to as many events and protests as possible!