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Be Careful What You Share With People

I am seeing many people post this video on the Telegram Channels and I feel it is important to share this video below. It goes in depth about a lot of the bad “conspiracy theories” which discredit the ones which are water-tight.

We need to be careful of this, and this also demonstrates the quality of James Corbett’s work. So please watch this video and share it with people who are sharing videos which will only do harm to our cause.

This is also a great video to show how good researchers in our community do think objectively and critically and are capable of delivering accurate and important information.

So the next time someone sends you an obvious BS video, send them a link to this and the next time one of your “normie” friends or family tell you EVERYTHING alternative media covers is a conspiracy then also send them this.


  1. Jennie

    I cannot play this video – I’ve tried and tried – even went on to odysee to see if I could play it there with no success. The message says: ‘This is a modal window.
    The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported’.

    • antilockdown

      It may be your browser, I have had no issues on my mobile or desktops.


    I don´t understand anything about Day 6 |, but it´s interesting to read. Vino Cerrati

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