Help Stop Unlawful Lockdowns!

Attending The Million Mask March!

Come on people, please attend the events below.

Share the information below with people and check out Standup X Resources Page where you can find petitions and information which also needs to be shared!


Thursday 05 November, 6pm, Trafalgar Square, London

Million Mask March

This march is an annual event held on Guy Fawkes day bringing together anonymous activists and citizens standing up for civil liberties, human rights and freedom from government oppression. 

This year is like no other.  The government has locked down our freedoms and thrown away the key.  Lets make this epic!

Million Mask March London 2020

Regular Events



Every Saturday, 12pm

Town Hall Peace Gardens



Every Saturday, 3pm

Russell Park

(Free Nation)


Every Saturday, 12pm

City Hall 

(Save Our Rights)


Every Saturday, 11am

St Sampsons Square

(Free Nation)


Every Saturday, 2-5pm​

Bournemouth Town Hall



Every Saturday, 1pm

Chapelfield Gardens



Every Saturday, 1pm

Square by the Lions



  1. Donita Forrest

    Today i woke up & discovered my utube account had been cancelled because of comments i made on political sites. November 7, 2020 regarding dr.tam telling public to wear tightly fitting masks of 3 layers, the middle layer being parachute/windsock fabric. Deadly, evil, i said she should wear a tightly fitting plastic bag over her head…….no utube today. Also said that britain should be aware that ‘on the map’ Liverpool is the cdntral location & port city, the heart of the unìted kingdom, and ghat’s where ‘they’ are landing the troops. No utube, can’t sign in or leave comments & all my files snatched. DR. S.N.A.T.C.H. synchronized nationalist armed triad controlled humanity.

    • antilockdown

      Does not surprise me one bit. One thing to add, don’t panic and keep spreading the truth. Keep doing it and keep doing it some more.
      We are gaining a lot of momentum, but we can’t be complacent. They are ramping this up at such a rate that even “normal” people are beginning to see it.

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