As someone who doesn’t pay attention to politics or mainstream media; I feel great for it. From what I can see, most of what we are told by politicians and the news is a lie. I find my information from people listed in my resources section and others who have a proven track record of providing me with useful, interesting and accurate information.

You don’t need to listen to liars and doom-mongers on the news to know what is going on in the world. You will also avoid anxiety and depression by switching off your TV and avoiding newspapers. If you’ve not tried doing that, try it for a month, you’ll notice a marked improvement!

This also proves to the “normal” people that it is not just “conspiracy theorists” that oppose lockdowns.

Has a member of parliament been red-pilled?

Today I was sent a video which provided me with a great exception, Sir Charles Walker, a Conservative Member of Parliament. Now I am not going to be tuning into prime-ministers questions at every opportunity and I certainly won’t become a voter. But I have to appreciate what he has done here.

I have to admit, this speech was one of the most genuine I have witnessed in a long time. Sir Charles Walker was one of 38 people out of nearly 600 MP’s who voted against the lock-down and seems to genuinely want to stop it.

Now I am not who he is speaking about when he mentions something much worse than the virus ‘something much darker, much darker; hiding in the shadows’. Now I don’t know if he has a gut feeling or like I and many others know it is people like Bill Gates and George Soros and their cronies.

Either way, I feel it important to show this video as he has done something that takes courage and even though I am not a fan of politicians, credit where credit is due; he seems like a good man!

This also proves to the “normal” people that it is not just “conspiracy theorists” that oppose lockdowns. So if this video has woken you up or at least sparked a little bit of curiosity this is great. However, if you really want to get a better idea of what is going on then go to the resources page and read other articles in this blog.

Charles is one of the few who can look at himself in the mirror and his children in the eye knowing that he is a good person. Boris Johnson and people like that will be seen as criminals very soon and will be even more hated than Bush and Blair for their invasion of Iraq. Although don’t give any credit to Blair or forgive him for his past, he is advocating for mandatory vaccines as well!

We are no way there yet!

Don’t get complacent! This is by no means over and I don’t think people should stop going against this till this can never be done again. I believe there should be no government at all, and if you think that my views are childish, that is fine.

I would recommend you read a book called THE MARKET FOR LIBERTY by Morris and Linda Tannehill and then you will get an idea of what angle I am coming from.

However, if all politicians behaved like Charles, I wouldn’t take any issue with the government. I have never felt compelled to do any form of activism in the past, I have only ever given my opinions to my close friends and family and people I talk to and point them to people I listen to if they show any interest.

I have never done anything as it has never affected me if people want to be brainwashed and be plugged into the system I have always left them to it. I pay no tax and resent value-added tax when I buy goods and services, but that is something I have to accept unless the people I trade with are like me.

But now, these actions being carried out by the government are affecting me; they are affecting everyone around me which is why I am doing what I am doing.

Make Sure You Attend and Stand Your Ground!

As in a previous article I advise business owners on how they should refuse to shut down and for people who are afraid of getting in trouble, don’t be! We now have nothing to lose, and the worst that will happen will be some of us may be arrested and put in the cells for 24 hours. So what, big deal, live a little; let’s make it fun and not be afraid of these criminals. Check the other resources and recommended items.  

You will have fun and meet many like-minded people; the more of us that go the less chance there is this will carry on and if we are persistent enough, with any luck people like Bill Gates will end up in prison!

Check Our Leaflets and Sticker Templates!

Please make sure you go to any events in your area, you can find those at events and below I will paste in some events sent to me via telegram:


 UK upcoming protests – Put them in your calendar 

SATURDAY 7TH (List Created: 4 Nov – 12:30pm) @ProtestEverywhere

  • Bedford – 3 pm – Russell Park (weather permitting) (Free Nation)
  • Belfast – noon – City Hall (SOR)
  • Bournemouth – 1 pm – Town Hall (SUX) 
  • Brighton – 12pm – March from Angel of Peace statue, seafront – (SOR) (SUX) (E202)
  • Edinburgh – 12:30 – Holyrood – Speakers: David Scott, Louise May Creffield, (Dolores Cahill as confirmed on UK Column News) (SOR)
  • Cardiff – 12 – City Centre – # OurMovement
  • Farnborough – 12pm – Town Centre – (@ FarnboroughProtest)
  • Hull – noon – Victoria Square – Speakers – Graham Moore, Dr Kevin Corbett, Kate Shemiriani, John Hurst, Robin Tilbrook, Mick Scott, Active Patriot. Plus…
  • Liverpool – 1pm – St George’s Hall – # SaveOurCity 
  • Llandudno – 1 pm – North Wales – Meet at the bandstand in front of the sea (Postcode: LL302XS)
  • London – noon – The Pen across from Downing St – Get involved – Support veterans and ex-service personnel – Geza Frackman (Justice. 
  • Norwich – 1 pm – Chapelfield Gardens (SUX)
  • Newport – noon – Church Litten Park, South St, Isle of White (SOR)
  • Nottingham – 1 pm – Market Square by the Lions 
  • # MidlandsFreedomGatherings
  • Sheffield – noon – Town Hall Peace Gardens (SUX)
  • Stroud – 12:30 – Strafford Park at the bandstand – Speakers – Piers Corbyn, Sandi Adams, plus community speakers
  • York – 11 am – St Sampsons Square (weather permitting) (Free Nation)
  • 8th – London – 10:30 – 11 am March from Parliament Square to Downing Street – Geza Frackman – (theforgottenheros.
  • 8th – Manchester – 1pm – Piccadilly Gardens # RiseUp, # StandUpManchester, # RiseUpManchester
  • 8th – Neath – 1pm – Victoria Gardens – # EducationOurSayOurWay, # NPTFightForFreedom
  • 8th – York – noon – St Nicks Nature Reserve Post Code: YO103FW – Walk to remember fighters for freedom (Free Nation)
  • Subject to change – Follow the organisers and let us know

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