After witnessing how ridiculous and pathetic the world has becoming the last few months I have decided enough is enough!

Since March I have witnessed the world has been brought to an abrupt halt over a virus which has affected less people than the flu/influenza of 2018.

Many people believe this is ridiculous, myself included. When many people were questioning why we have lost our freedom, our businesses and our life as we know it.

I have witnessed how people who are peacefully protesting, waking people up with some traction are now being violently attacked by police and intimidated with the threat of fines.

This may seem scary to many, but think about it.  What if nothing is done?

Unless you are happy with living in an environment resembling East Germany prior to the collapse of the Berlin wall, then I see no alternative than to oppose what the government are doing to us.

I am reaching out to tens of millions of people in the UK, the States and eventually World Wide!  It is a tiny percentage of people who control the masses, if we all give our support to these groups wherever they are, the lockdown would be stopped almost immediately.

We give all of our information away for free, our costs are close to nothing as everything is online.  We are a donation only organisation, at the moment we have no reason or need for donations, what we want from you is to support the groups locally who are trying to help us all!

For people worried about being arrested or fined, don’t be; if we can beat this which is very doable, we could live in more prosperous ways than you could imagine.

If we don’t, most of our businesses and jobs will be GONE and that will result in POVERTY, and eventually STARVATION.  Just look at what happens to countries historically when they get rolled over by their governments and told to comply!

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