A letter to business owners. Many people reading this may be thinking about defying the lockdown; but are hesitant because they are scared of the consequences.

I would like to propose a different way of looking this.

anti lock down

What on earth do you have to lose?

You are not going to face the death sentence (not yet anyway ;-), if you close your business and follow the “rules” you will lose your business anyway as there will likely be nothing to come back to even if the lockdown lasts for 4 weeks. Remember how it was only going to be for 14 days.

There are lots of people on our Telegram channel, and on the communities that you find through Standup X who will help with legal advise and give moral support.

So my advice is to stand your ground and just say NO! Call newspapers (local and national) and people within our communities and different freedom movements will share and likely turn up and support your business.

Imagine the Publicity You Can Generate!

You will get loads of publicity and you will get support from other local businesses. Even if you go to prison (which is unlikely) and I don’t see judges throwing the book at you.

So stand your ground and enjoy making a stand. Get lots of rest, exercise, network with people and other people in your community, neighbouring businesses will follow your lead!


It Is Possible!

Nick Whitcombe refused to close his gym; he didn’t have to dodge bullets, he didn’t have to physically fight anyone. All he did, was do one of the most powerful things anyone can do. He Just Said NO!

This story was also covered by the BBC which I call the British Brainwashing Corporation which you can see here

Follow What Nick and Many Others have Done.


Please share this with your neighboring businesses, your friends, family and get them to do the same!

Live a little, try being rebellious; trust me it’s fun and more than anything it’s the right thing to do!