Zed Phoenix from govote.org.uk which is an independent organisation which is looking to set up a political organisation has spoken to a whistleblower from an employee at Glaxo Smith Klien, who has looked at the vaccines that are being rushed out.

Animal testing is being skipped so to all you Facebook and Twitter “Fact Checkers” check the next two links!

CBS News Link

Sciencemag.org Link

He gives information about who is involved in the vaccine trials and the production of the vaccine. The information has come from an alleged Glaxo Smith Klien (GSK) insider, who believes that certain antigens are going to appear in the vaccine which will be harmful.

Department of biology and biochemistry at the Milner Centre for evolution at bath university, in this video, claims that Dr Preston is connected to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and claims that he was given a £28 million grant and for the sceptics, I invite you to take a look at these links https://researchportal.bath.ac.uk/en/persons/andrew-preston, https://lockdownsceptics.org/2020/10/02/latest-news-151/ where you can see by Dr Preston own admission that this is correct. (Maybe Facebook’s fact-checkers can bare this in mind before they castigate the next person who shares this on their platform)

Dr Eric Harvill, from Penn State University, he got a £10 Million grant Bill and Melinda, Dr Ernst from the University of Baltimore in Maryland received a £7 million grant, £2.9 came from Bill and Melinda gates and the rest came from NIAID, run by Dr Anthony Fauci.

No Parent Should Be OK With This!

GSK Biologicals the biggest vaccine production facility in Belgium 2 million doses of vaccines EVERY SINGLE DAY!
GSK Belgium Website

The insider has sent information claims the vaccine has already been made and contains antigens that contain (ANTI HCG ANTIGEN) and for anyone who thinks this is harmless I invite you to check out https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1514026/, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12266649/ and another one https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1600-0897.1997.tb00207.x.

HCG causes sterility in women and combines OLH and 37 amino acids CTP carboxy-terminal peptide, the principal reason for ANTI HCG is to introduce antibodies out of the 63 women that were tested, 61 become infertile! Now if this is hard for you to accept I invite you to check this link https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2665354/.

This GSK insider has strong beliefs that this is in the vaccine, which will affect females. So for men who think that it doesn’t matter it won’t affect them then there is the issue of GNRH which results in reduced testicular size; lower testosterone levels and (marked atrophy of prostate).

Sperm specific mitochondrial antigen was tested on baboons https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2665354/. This meant that the baboons who had sex with non-vaccinated baboons made the female ones infertile and the female ones who were already vaccinated were already infertile!

Now some information here has been cited, you can see all the links to the above statements made within this post. As for testing the credibility of the allegation that the vaccine has these evil components to them the creators of this video and I highly recommend you visit their website and check them out.

The plan is to contact independent doctors and scientists who will be testing the vaccines for these substances to see what is present. There will also be tests to ensure there are no carcinogens.

A board of scientists will be set up who are independent pf Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and GSK. What I like about this individual Zed Phoenix is that he is not telling people not to take the vaccine he is doing his best to make sure that people are informed and if they feel they want to get the vaccine, they can have it.

What my issue is with people like Kill Gates and many politicians, is their desire to make the vaccine mandatory; as far as I am concerned this is extremely perverted and even if something is harmless it should NEVER be mandatory.

And for the people who think that the vaccines work, well then you take them. If they work that well you will be safe from people like me who don’t want them. If they are not that effective, and everyone has to take them, why would you take them?

So please check out the work of Zed Phoenix!

Forbes Also Confirms this.

Even Forbes wrote an article about Phizer safety trials were designed to succeed and if 7 out of 59 had no symptoms it was a “success” (1 in 7) and you won’t be immune you’ll just have slightly fewer symptoms which means this will need to be a regular process. Probably every year. And for the “Fact Checkers” out there you can visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamhaseltine/2020/09/23/covid-19-vaccine-protocols-reveal-that-trials-are-designed-to-succeed/

Why is this topic off limits? No discussion seems to be allowed, any concerns raised lead to be called a “conspiracy theorist” and the fact that there are MANY MANY doctors who are NOT funded by the pharmaceutical companies oppose vaccines and we only hear in the media about doctors who are funded by Bill Gates and/or the pharmaceutical companies worries me extremely.

Throughout school, I was regularly taught about the evils of the Nazis, and how this will never happen again. We have all listened to friends and people who have said they will always speak out against the government and tyranny when in reality NOTHING has been challenged. Most people have simply stood there and waited for what to be told to do next.

Do you think that EVERY rule and every guideline that has been given to us has been sensible?

Do you think that EVERY thing the media has told you the truth?

Even when proven more times than I can list in this post to be proven wrong!

Do you think that EVERY statistic that has been released by the government to be completely accurate?

Dr Neil Ferguson not only gave ridiculous predictions with covid but also did the same with foot and mouth, swine flu and BSE!

Do you believe that EVERY person who has spoken out against this should be censored?

Do you think such emphasis should be placed on COVID-19 even though statistically it is no way near as high on the list of deaths as heart disease, cancer and diabetes; things which, unfortunately, many of us accept as a regular occurrence?

Even if you agree with EVERY one of the above points, do you believe that there should be a mandatory vaccine?

If you believe that EVERY person needs to have the vaccine and you cannot be safe without EVERY other person having it then how can the vaccine be effective?

This is very troubling to me, however, before you think ‘oh well there’s nothing that I can do about this’, you are wrong.

School teachers should be voicing concerns about what is going on in Liverpool and this should not be happening anywhere, if you don’t this will likely be happening at your school.

Schools have a lot of teeth when dealing with the government and this should be used for good. I ask that you contact your local MP and local councillors and demand that this is questioned and challenged.

There are many concerns from parents, including myself; if you want to have a good relationship with parents I recommend that this is discussed at school meetings, to include the PTA meetings and communicate with parents, as this is potentially something that will be extremely unpopular.

Now before you think ‘oh there is nothing that can go wrong, there will be al sorts of tests done’, I have just provided above with a list of concerns which are not being addressed and by just using Google to search for ‘pharmaceutical lawsuit’ or ‘compensation paid by a pharmaceutical company’ will bring you countless cases that have been documented in the courts and legal system that prove otherwise.

Not too long ago Thalidamide caused horrific birth defects and many of the recent pharmaceuticals have caused massive damage even though there were extensive trials and peer reviews. The new vaccine on the horizon is going to be much more aggressive and impatient in its launch to market so please consider this.

Now for parents, you must raise these issues with your school; make a list of the points raised and demand answers for all of them, if these points cannot be raised, ask the school get in touch with members of the local council, MP’s and even the police.

All these people have children too, and we are not suggesting that you do not have the vaccine, this is to demand answers to questions which need to be answered.

I will be adding a more detailed document which you can use to raise points when challenging these issues!

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Also check out the Corbett Report on our Resources Page which contains some excellent information on the issues around Bill gates and the vaccines!