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A Cool Telegram Channel To Join That is Gaining Fast Momentum

A cool group on Telegram is forming and they are building followers a lot quicker than me, don’t know how they are doing it but this is all great!

Please Follow Them :

UK REVOLUTION – Telegram Channel

This is a time for us to do all we can do, put minor differences aside, join as many people as you can, network and make sure the next time we are at events there are enough people to not be pushed aside and get our voice heard!

This is still an argument between TV watchers and non TV watchers!


If we can get enough people to make a stand this can easily be beaten. The more people see us make a stand the more will follow, we can create a lot of momentum!

I am currently working on a few different networking projects and this is exciting but also tough.

Don’t forget to make sure you participate in these things, if you see stuff you like SHARE it with ALL your friends, family or even frienemy! Don’t worry if people think you are being over the top.

And Make Sure You also Subscribe to Our Channels Which You Can find At Contact Us Page where You can also Get our Newsletter!

I was called a nutter by my family nine months ago, and guess what? Most of them agree and the ones who are the nutters in my circles are the ones who still believe in all the bullshit we are being told in the papers.

This is still an argument between TV watchers and non TV watchers!


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